How to Maintain Client Relationships before Leaving your Job.

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iHR is a limited liability company that incorporated as a limited company in 2014 to provide Human Resources Consultancy Services to the private and public sector institutions.

When you finally land that offer you really wanted, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the
new job and take your eye off the old one.
There are certain steps you must take to leave on favorable and professional terms with your current
Among the to-do list is ensuring that you maintain your relationship with your client.

  1. Company Protocols
    In some companies, it is the management’s responsibility to notify clients of your leaving
    because in some cases, clients are considered company property. Ask your manager before you
    make contact with your client; it will serve as a show of respect for your boss and ensure that
    you don’t destroy your relationship with your soon to be ex-employer.
  2. Introduce Your Replacement
    Once you find a replacement, be sure to introduce him or her to your clients (face to face if
    these are large accounts). Use the meeting as an opportunity to talk about how the new
    employee’s experience and unique qualities will benefit them.
    A phone introduction may work just fine for smaller accounts that are normally handled by
    telephone, email or online. Do what feels right based on the client’s preferences and the history
    of the account.
  3. Tie Any Loose Ends.
    Finish up any loose ends with whatever you can in your remaining time to ensure a successful
    transition, such as keeping deadlines or training a coworker on your duties. Let your client
    know that, if possible, you will complete any last details before your departure.
  4. Inform Your Clients of Your Departure.
    Send your client an email but always follow up with a phone call. You never know when you
    will need him or her for a reference or as a potential client once again. Your email should
    include date of departure, how much you enjoyed working with your client, and mention that
    you are looking forward to running into him or her in the future.
    Do not feel as if you need to share every reason you chose to leave your current position, in this
    case, less is more. Remember to assure your client that confidentiality agreements will still be in
  5. Go Above and Beyond.
    Anyone can provide good work for a client. What keeps them and makes them go, “Wow!” is
    not only how you treat them but also if you add that little something extra.
    Always look for ways to wow them, give them extra good service and go above and beyond
    their expectations. Your efforts will be rewarded not only in your relationships with them but
    also in the additional business they bring to you later on
iHR Consulting

iHR Consulting

iHR was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2014 to provide Human Resources Consultancy Services to the private and public sector institutions

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